About Us

Conversion Components was founded in May of 1984 as a manufacturer of luxury conversion van parts.  Upholstered walls, ceilings, door panels, and pre-cut carpet kits were just some of the kinds of items we produced.  We shipped parts to van converters all over the USA, and a few foreign countries as well.


In 1989, we were approached by the Adrian Steel Company to beome a distributor/installer for their line of commercial van and pickup equipment.  After some deliberation, the decision was made to proceed, and we began a long standing partnership with the finest people in the business.  The people at Adrian Steel.


Over the next few years we successfully made the transition to a commercial upfitter of vans, pickups, cube/step vans and trailers.  We work with all types of customers including Dealerships, plumbers, HVAC, electricians, carpenters,, delivery companies, computer companies, Universities and many many more.