UH5T  Utility Hooks for Z Rail

Hang shovels, extension cords, rakes and brooms on this versatile utility hook.  The powder coated steel hook easily slips onto Adrian's Z-Rail without the need for fasteners.



Trailer Installation Fastener Kits

Include z-rail for mounting to the wall, floor plates for mounting to the floor and fasteners for both. 



Trailer Fastener Kits come in 18", 32", 36", 42", 48", 52" and 60" lengths.





LK8 Ladder Keeper

29193-0  Bin and Rest Assembly


The rest assembly is 51" long and can accomodate (3) #22 or (6) #24 bins per row.

The spring loaded lock bar holds bins in place.  Add dividers to the blue bins with the #23 plastic divider.

LKB1  Aluminum Lock Box

20"W x 14.5"H x 25"D

**Designed to mount on the trailer floor facing out the side or rear door.

**Aluminum construction with powder coat black paint.

**Gas shock eases opening and closing of the large lid.

**The large lock will accomodate a padlock or hocky puck style lock (not inlcuded).

**Stores valuable tools and paperwork.

**Accessible and easy to use.


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