Drawer Modules & Cabinets



Drawer Units - Lock 'n Latch System


#9 - 4 Drawer Shallow Unit

#919 - 3 Drawer Combo Unit

#19 - 2 Drawer Medium Unit


Drawer Units - Locking Hinge & Hasp


#2 - 4 Drawer Medium Unit

#8 - 3 Drawer Medium Unit


Drawers are welded and have reinforced drawer slides for strength.


Can be locked with a padlock (not included) for security.


Divide drawers with optional metal "egg crate" dividers.


Optional Foam Liner Kits cover sides and bottom of drawers for extra protection.


Drawer Components


Organize small parts with our flexible and rugged composite Drawer Components.

Drawer Retention stops prevent drawers from opening while the vehicle is in transit.

The interlocking feature allows you to add multiple units vertically or horizontally.

Made of hi-impact polymer for a quiet operation.

Each drawer comes with 2 dividers and 7 divider slots.






DC6  3 Drawer narrow model  shown above


DC12  3 Drawer wide model   shown below


Tote Trays & Cases


SPT-4  Combo Totes and Rack - (2) Steel Trays & (2) Poly Cases

SPT-4P  Poly Totes and Rack - (4) Poly Cases

SPT-4S  Steel Totes and Rack - (4) Steel Trays

SPT-S  Additional Steel Tray

SPT-P  Additional Poly Tote




CL1446R Cabinet Locker Full Door

18"W x 46"H x 14"D

Features 3 removable shelves


CL1446D Cabinet Locker Short Door

18"W x 46"H x 14"D

Features 2 removable shelves


 Locker doors are reversible for flexibility and feature locked recessed tee-handles for security.

 Cabinet Lockers taper from 14" to 12" from front to back in depth at top and bottom to maximize aisle space.





CL1860 Storage Locker

36"W x 60"H x 18"D


2 Hinged doors with a two point locking system to secure stored items.

Three bolt in shelves and a bolt in steel back panel.





Open door CL1860 shown below


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