Shelving For Your Cargo Trailer

HD (Heavy-Duty) Series Shelving


Contain five adjustable shelves.  Shelf gussets, end panel braces and full floor-rail provide extra strength.


HD-32WPT  32"W x 60"H x 14"D

HD-42WPT  42"W x 60"H x 14"D

HD-52WPT  52"W x 60"H x 14"D





HD-42WPT  shown below

JD (Jumbo Deep) Series Shelving


Features channel reinforced shelf bottoms, 4" deep shelf lips, and square end panels.



JD42WPT   42"W x 60"H x 18"D

JD52WPT   48"W x 60"H x 18"D

JD48WPT   52"W x 60"H x 24"D

JD60WPT   60"W x 60"H x 24"D





JD42WPT    shown below

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