Van Accessories

Window Screens





Ford FSV Rear Door Window Screens








Side Door Window Screens shown below

Chevy FSV 40 Door window screen shown above











Chevy FSV 60 Door window screen shown below






Chevy Rear Door Window Screen





Wire Window Screens add security to cargo area windows. 





Aerosol Can Tray secures cans for easy access. 


Available in a 3 Can Tray and a 4 Can Tray.





Door Tray comes with two dividers and has optional lid for containment. 


Door Tray with Lid shown here.




Utility Hooks


UH10  -  1" Hook

UH25  -  2 1/2" Hook

UH50  -  5" Hook





TA1 Hook Bar


The TA1 Four Hook Bar maximizes vertical storage space


Mounts to partition or other vertical surfaces


Four welded hooks with 2" hanger opening






Floor Mats are die-cut for wheelwells and meet flammability test MVSS 302.  Made of 3/16" rubber, diamond corrugated pattern.  Require some trimming.






Wire Reel Holder has five removable bars and holds wire spools up to 6" in diameter.  Reel Holder mounts to shelf ends for convenient access.

Partition Accessories

CB2 Two Book File shown mounted to floor.  Has hinged retaining straps.


PDK1 Door Kit for full-size van partitions, converts the M-Series fixed center panel into a hinged door with keyed slam latch.


PA7 Triangle Reflector Kit comes with a metal pocket holder.


PA8 1-A: 10-BC Fire Extinguisher is a rechargeable, 2.5lb dry chemical extinguisher.  Complete with charge guage and mounting bracket.


Partition cabside shown





PA10 Practice Holder is a partition-mounted holder for forms, manuals or other work related papers.



Partition cargoside shown






TH30 Refrigerant Tank Holder mounts to partition or other vertical surface.  Holds a 30lb tank.


TH50 for a 50lb tank also available.




Bins are useful for fasteners, connectors and other small items.


Lightweight and durable.

#22 Plastic Bin holds 3 dividers

16"W x 7"H x 15"D


#24 Plastic Bin holds 1 divider

8"W x 7"H x 15"D

Use the Blue Bins with Rest Assemblies or put them on shelves


Steel channel rest assemblies securely attach to van rails and keep bins in place with easy access lockdown bars.  Rest Assemblies are available in 34" and 51"  rail lengths and from one to four rows of bins.

Combine rail lengths and rows of bins to make custom combinations.

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