S-M-C Series Partitions


Choose from solid or perforated top panels made from 18-guage steel for strength and finished in a tough Steel-Cote powder coat paint.  The S-M-C series partitions fit GM and Ford full size vans.







S1-M2H-C2 FSV Partition installed in GM full Size Van


WKC2FSVGM  Wing Kit shown








S1-M2H-C2 FSV Partition installed in a Ford Full Size Van


WKC2FSVFD3 Wing Extension Kit shown


Extend the amount of the cab space by an additional 3 inches with Adrian Steel's extended partition wing kits.

This kit is available for all Ford and GM full size vans.



X Series Partition


The X Series partitions are designed with a large perforated upper panel, eliminating obstructions to driver side and rear views.  Made from 16-guage steel and finished with Steel-Cote powder coat paint, the X Series partitions fit GM and Ford full size vans.

PS1FSV Polysteel Partition


Provide full rear and side cargo door visibility.  Constructed from 16 gauge steel for strength, Polysteel combines a polycarbonate center panel for uninterrupted driver visibility.  Full-size vans feature an 18"x34" center panel, angled to reduce reflection and glare from oncoming headlights.

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