AD Series Adjustable Shelving

The Adrian Steel AD Series Shelving allows you to put shelves where you want them.


AD Series is the next generation of cargo management solutions.  Featuring truly adjustable shelves, an adaptable rail system, heavy-duty shelves and an advanced stamped steel end panel designed to accommodate the diverse range of cargo you need to get the job done.

ADjustable shelves

Tools, equipment and cargo come in all shapes and sizes and until now, there hasn't been a shelving unit that is truly adjustable.  These shelves can be adjusted in one inch increments and provide the most flexible shelving solution available.  The AD Series is 46" high by 14" deep and comes in lengths of 32", 44" and 50" wide.





                                          AD Series Shelving - Curbside



AD Series Shelving - Streetside



ADaptable Interior

Exclusive to the AD Series, the unique rail system enables you to reposition the shelving in the van, increasing the available space for trade specific equipment.  All of this is done without removing bolts, plugging holes and redrilling the van!

ADvanced Design

Stamped steel end panels and shelves, AD Series components are strong, durable and ready to work hard.  6" knock out provides a 48" floor space to accommodate sheet goods (up to 22 sheets of 1/4" drywall or a combination of thicknesses).  Contoured end panels provide 36" between the panels from the top to bottom maximizing aisle space.

Welded Shelving



The 44 Series features a top shelf that has been lowered to be more functional allowing you to divide the shelves.  The mid and lower shelves are more functional with the ability to add door kits, DC drawer units, Lock and Latch drawer units, dividers and blue bins.  The best selling shelf unit just got better!




4442 Welded Shelf Unit is 42"W x 46"H x 14"D



Three sizes available:  32", 42", 50" wide models.







Shown here are 2) 4442 Welded Shelf Units installed on driver's side of van












On the passenger side of the Van is a 4442 Welded Shelf Unit with optional 919 Drawer Unit installed.





Shown with DV44U4 dividers on the upper shelf and DV44L4 dividers on the middle shelf



DC6 and DC12 drawer units provide additional storage space

Adjustable Shelving

JD Series Jumbo Deep Shelving

The JD Series Shelving units are available in 18" & 24" depths.  Shelf gussets and floor rail provide extra strength.




18" deep units contain one 14" and two 18" deep shelves.









24" deep units have squared end panels and two shelves.



HD Series Heavy Duty Shelving

The HD Series shelving feature shelf gussets and full floor rail that provide extra strength and contoured end panels that maximize space. 


The Full Size Van shelf units contain 12" deep top tray with 2" lip and tow 14" deep shelves with 4" lip.

30 Series Shelving

30 Series Shelving contains one 12" and two 14" deep shelves. 

Shelves are adjustable on 1" centers and have 2" lip for containment.

KD Shelving

Open End Adjustable KD Shelving includes three shelves adjustable on 1" centers.  The top tray has a 2" containment lip, other shelves have 1" lip.  Open End Shelving can be mounted over wheelwells.  It has a bracketed set back forth corner for improved wheelwell fit.

KD shelf racks feature shelves that are fully adjustable on 1" centers. 


#3 & #33 Cabinets features solid end and back panels and four adjustable shelves.  The #3 has a 2" shelf lip and the #33 has a 1" shelf lip.


#33W and #33WB have welded, contoured end panels and contain two welded shelves and three adjustable shelves.  The 33WB includes four removable plastic bins with dividers.

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