Here are just a few partition accessories

PDK1  Partition Door Kit


The quiet partition door kit is available for the S-M-C Series partitions.  This kit converts a solid partition to a hinged door partition.  Includes a key-locking slam latch, two hinges and bulb seal for noise reduction.










PA9  First Aid Tray Box


The First Aid Box Tray secures the first aid box to partition or other vertical surface.



PA7  Triangle Reflector Flare Kit


Comes with a metal pocket holder, I.C.C. approved.





PA8  Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher (shown below)


1-A:10-BC Fire Extinguisher is a rechargeable 2 1/2-lb. dry chemical extinguisher.  Complete with charge guage and mounting bracket.

PA11  Cab File Box


The Cab File Box mounts to either the partition or other vertical surface.








PA10  Practice Holder (shown below)

The Practice Holder can be used for forms, manuals or work related papers.

And................................More Accessories!



Window Screens


60-NRDRD  Side & Rear Door Kit

60-NRD  Rear Door Kit

60-103  Curb side sliding door



KDRH1426  26" End Panel Reel Holder


Bar mounts between shelf end panels for easy access to spools of cable and wire.


Also available in 32", 44" and 50" widths.




WRH5  Wire Reel Holder


Five removable bars hold wire spools up to 6" in diameter.  Reel holder mounts to shelf ends for convenient access.

Utility Hooks




Utility Hooks come in 3 different sizes.


UH10 - 1" hook

UH25 - 2 1/2" hook

UH50 - 5" hook

Door Trays & Storage For Small Parts




TH51FP  Tank Rack for Nissan NV


The TH51FP is designed specifically for the Nissan NV.  It can accomodate a combination of any three 30-lb. or 50-lb. tanks.  Straps secure tanks for safe transportation.

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