Nissan NV Commercial Incentive Program

The newest OEM Program is the one for the Nissan NV Van.  It started in 2011, and enables the business that takes delivery of a new van to get either a Cargo Management System (partition and shelving package) or a Utility Package (partition and ladder rack)  for the equipment portion of the program.  Packages are available for both the Standard Roof and the High Roof Van.

Any of these Adrian Steel packages are installed by us at no charge to the end customer.  You can also add extra equipment onto these base packages to make the NV perfect for your business needs.



Nissan Base Cargo Management System Pkg. #4484 (Standard Roof) - No Charge!!!


Nissan High Roof Pkg. #4519 also No Charge!


Nissan  Utility Package #4485 (Standard Roof) - No Charge!


Includes 3 Bar Utility Rack & Partition with Wing Kit.



Partition shown below




Nissan Utility Package #4520 includes Partition with Wing Kit & Ladder Keeper. 


All this at  No Charge!


Conversion Components, Inc.