Note:  Old Body Style Transit Connect is 2013 and Older

Old Body Style Transit Connect Interior Packages


4460 Base Package

This base package features two floor rails and two belt line rails with four adjustable tie down hooks to secure cargo.  the unique TDK2 tie down hooks allow you to easily reposition the hook along the floor and mid rail and provides a safe and easy way to strap down cargo.  Easily add essential accessories or choose additional accessories including trade specific solutions, ladder racks, window screens and more.


4461 Intermediate Package

The intermediate package features one AD32TC shelving unit (32"W x 46"H x 14"D) with three truly adjustable shelves.  Shelves can be adjusted to your specific cargo needs in less than a minute.  The intermediate interior provides 9.33 square feet of shelf space.  One floor rail and one belt line rail is provided on the opposite side to secure cargo with two adjustable tie down hooks.  Straps not included.



4462 Full Package

The full package features two AD32C steel shelving units, each with three truly adjustable shelves.   The precision stamped end panels and shelves provide lightweight, rugged and dependable storage.  The full interior provides 18.66 square feet of shelving space.


4464 Premium Package

The premium package includes two AD32TC steel shelving units, one #919 three drawer unit, one DC-12 three drawer unit and one TA1 four hook bar.  The TA1 is mounted on the curbside rear panel and is prefect for extension cords and hoses.

Some of our Customer's Transit Connect Interiors



In this Transit Connect, the customer elected to have a P2TCW, Wire Mesh Partition with Wing Kit installed.




AD32TC Shelf Unit installed on passenger side in the rear of the Transit Connect. 










Shown below is an AD26TCNB Shelf Unit, installed at the opening of the slider door for easy access to parts!

In another Transit Connect, this customer starts out with a P2TCS, Steel Partition and WKTC Wing Kit.















Shown below, behind the Partition on the driver's side, is an HD26TC shelf unit with blue bins and Adrian Steel's  6" DC6 drawer components for parts storage.  Easy access from the driver's side slider door!



On the driver's side rear, is an HD32TC shelf unit with a DK32TC door kit to secure parts.  On the end panel of the 32" shelf unit is a TA1, four hook bar.













Below is another HD32TC, 32" shelf unit with a 919, three drawer combo drawer unit, and DC6 drawer units.

This unit installed on the passenger side, in the rear of the van.

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