Note:  Old Body Style Transit Connect is 2013 and Older

Old Body Style Transit Connect Ladder Racks

Grip Your Ladders Securely With Adrian's Locking Style Ladder Racks

Grip-Lock racks protect the sides and roof of your van during loading and unloading ladders.  All Grip-Lock racks feature a lockable, gripping mechanism which firmly secures two ladders to the top of the van.  Racks easily adjust for ladders of different sizes. 


The Transit connect Grip-Lock features a no drill installation, composite extrusions on front and rear crossbows and uprights to protect ladders, and an all aluminum design for lasting quality within arms reach!




The 63-TC Double Lock Down shown, weighs under 40 lbs. to maximize the 150 lb. payload of the roof of the Transit Connect.

Loadsrite Ladder Rack for your Transit Connect

Adrian Steel's LoadsRite Ladder Racks easily raise and lower to eliminate the need to climb, stretch or reach for your ladder.  The unique design to the LoadsRite presents the ladder in the diagonal position bringing it to a comfortable working height.


The right way to load and unload ladders!




LR6400TCC LoadsRite Combo Ladder Rack shown below





LR6400TCC Loadsrite Combo Ladder Rack

Utility Style Ladder Racks

The most flexible rack on the market, the 2BTC, features an all aluminum design that allows you to maximize the 150 lb. payload of the roof of the Transit Connect.  No drill installation and an innovative rail system allows the user to easily reposition the crossbows where they are needed. 

1BTC Center Bar also available.  The 1BTC weighs only 6 lbs.


The 2BTC Two Bar Utility Rack shown below weighs 20 lbs.





2BTC Utility Style Ladder Rack installed on our customer's Transit Connect.

SLPTC Step Ladder Panels



Keep ladders inside and out of the elements.


Replaces existing rear door panels.


Concave shape allows ladder feet to rest inside door.


Protects door wiring and locking mechanisms.

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