HD Adjustable Shelving

HD Series Shelving features contoured end panels that provide flush fit to van side to maximize aisle space.  Shelf gussets and floor-rail provide extra strength. 


HD-32MP 32"W x 36"H x 14"D

HD-42MP 42"W x 36"H x 14"D

HD-52MP 52"W x 36"H x 14"D



All of the HD shelf units contain one 12" deep top tray with 2" lip, and one 14" deep shelf with 4" lip.






DV14 Dividers for adjustable shelving.  Optional dividers for all 14" adjustable shelves.  Dividers will bolt on or drop-in depending on shelf design.

Locking Door Kits create a 12" or 14" high lockable shelf compartment or wheelwell cover.  Include collapsible tee handle with lock, reinforced door with stop and mounting fasteners.  Shelf door kits include back and side panels.  This locking Door Kit is for 52" adjustable and welded shelving, and mounts to the floor rail.




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