Drawer Units/Cabinets/Modules




Drawer Units - Lock 'n Latch System


    #9 - 4-drawer shallow unit

#919 - 2-drawer medium unit

  #19 - 3-drawer combo unit





Drawer Units - Locking Hinge & Hasp


#2 - 4-drawer medium unit

#8 - 3-drawer medium unit



Tote Trays & Cases


 SPT-4  Combo Totes & Rack

              (2) Steel Trays

              (2) Poly Cases

SPT-4P Poly Totes & Rack

              (4) Poly Cases

SPT-4S Steel Totes & Rack

              (4) Steel Trays

Drawer Components

High-impact polymer construction with drawer retention stops.



Base 3 drawer narrow model

6"W x 12"H x 12"D










Base 3 drawer wide model

12"W x 12"H x 12"D



Shelf Cabinets


#1 Shelf Cabinet

#12 Shelf Cabinet Open Side


These shelf cabinets can be used free standing or are perfect for stacking with our lockable drawer units.




Cabinet Lockers

CL1446D  Cabinet Locker Short Door

CL1446R  Cabinet Locker Full Door


Lockers feature a 46" high storage space with removable shelves


Here are some Storage Module combinations available





MD601 Drawer/Cabinet Module

18"W x 56"H x 12"D


Two large lockable cabinets, both with an adjustable shelf and one 3-drawer combo with dividers






MD602 Drawer/Tray Module

18"W x 56"H x 12"D


Three lockable 3-drawer medium cabinets and a parts tray on top with a 2" lip







MD603 Drawer/Cabinet Module

18"W x 54"H x 12"D


One large lockable cabinet with an adjustable shelf, one 3-drawer combo with a plastic parts tray in each of the two shallow drawers.  One 3-drawer medium and a parts tray with a 2" lip for added storage.






MD604 Drawer/Cabinet Module

36"W x 56"H x 12"D


Four large lockable cabinets with adjustable shelves and eight shallow drawers.  Cabinets feature an open side and combine to form a 36" wide compartment.  Each drawer contains dividers to organize small parts.






MD605 Drawer/Cabinet Module

36"W x 54"H x 12"D


Two open sided lockable cabinets with adjustable shelves, ten meduim drawers and a large 36" parts tray with a 2" lip across the top






MD607 Heavy-Duty KD Storage Unit

42"W x 56"H x 12"/14"D


Features divided shelf storage, adjustable shelves, four shallow drawers with dividers in each, and two meduim drawers









MD609 Heavy-Duty KD Storage Unit

52"W x 56"H x 12"/14"D


Two shelves with divided shelf storage and a 4" lip in addition to a 52" lockable long compartment



MD610 Workbench Module

84"W x 32"H x 12"/18"D


Includes a heavy-duty steel workbench with a Masonite covered worktop, stool, nine lockable medium drawers, four lockable shallow drawers, a catalog file and a lockable wheel-house cover.






MD705 Workbench Module (shown below)

42"W x 32"H x 12"/18"D


Masonite covered worktop, stool, eight shallow and six medium drawers.  All fourteen drawers are lockable.



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