Walk-In Van Accessories

Ladder Keeper

Store ladders inside your walk-in van with the Ladder Keeper


Keep ladders out of the elements and off the floor.  Adjusts to fit all ladder types and lengths.  Gas spring compresses ladder for a quiet and secure transportation.  The LK8 Ladder Keeper includes all parts needed to carry up to an 8' ladder.  To accomodate larger vehicles or ladders, you will require the LKX Extension that provides 4' of additional track.




LKX Extension for the Ladder Keeper

Tank Racks


Vertically carry 30lb. and 50lb. Refrigerant tanks.  Racks feature 14-guage tubular steel frames welded for strength with sloped cradles and nylon straps.


WTR130250   (1) 30lb & (2) 50lb tanks

WTR230150   (2) 30lb & (1) 50lb tanks

WTR330        (3) 30lb tanks

WTR350        (3) 50lb tanks

WTR430        (4) 30lb tanks




WTR430  shown below








Tank Rack mounted in the front of cube truck to cabinet/drawer module.




TA20  Mapp Gas Cabinet










TA19  CO2 Tank Cabinet     shown below



UH10   1" Utility Hook


UH25   2 1/2" Utility Hook


UH50   5" Utility Hook




TA1   Hook Bar


Maximize your vertical storage space.  2" x 12" bar mounts to partition or other vertical surfaces.  Four welded hooks with 2" hangar opening.





WHR5  Wire Reel Holder


Five removable bars hold wire spools up to 6" in diameter.  Reel Holder mounts to shelf ends for convenient access.

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