Walk-In Van Shelving

Show your professionalism with an organized van!


Adrian Steel has the shelving and modules you need to get your stuff off the floor.  Organize inventory on divided shelves and keep tools locked in drawers and cabinets. 


HD Series Shelving

Here is alot of shelving!

HD (Heavy-Duty)Series Shelving


Five adjustable shelves

Shelf gussets, end panel braces and full floor-rail provide extra strenth


HD-32WP     32W x 60H x 14D

HD-42WP     42W x 60H x 14D

HD-52WP     52W x 60H x 14D

HD-32WP    shown above








HD-42WP   shown right








HD-52WP    shown below



JD (Jumbo Deep) Series Shelving


Channel reinforced shelf bottoms.

4" deep shelf lips and square end panels.


JD42WP    42W x 60H x 18D

JD48WP    48W x 60H x 18D

JD52WP    52W x 60H x 18D

JD60WP    60W x 60H x 18D



















JD60WP   shown below

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